BOOKS Borrowing:

  • Regular Issue of 1/2 Books for 15 Days.
  • PSLL issue of 3 books on Merit basis for each semester
  • Demand Issue of 3 Subject Reference books for 3 Days from Main Library Section.
  • Overnight issue of Text Books from Text Book Reference Section.
  • Incentives for Meritorious/Sports/NCC/NSS Students Additional support and books are provided on written request of their in-charge staff on merit basis. 
  • Regular Faculty Members 20 books.
  • Full-Time Faculty Members 15 books.
  • Visiting/Part-Time Faculty Members & Other Staff 10 books.
Reference Issue Books are to be referred in the Library premises only.
Audio Video Resources (AVR) These AVR collection will be issued to use in our Digital Library. And to Staff Members to  
show it in classroom/Auditorium.
Inter Library Loan A form of resource sharing with other libraries. Only reference service is provided under this service on
the submission of Valid ID Card or any photo ID proof.

  The Journals, Magazines and Newspapers are issued to read only in the library premises. At any circumstances they are  
not issued out.


  • Digital Display of Library Information through wall mounted Television.
  • Display of Related Books on important occasions.
  • Book Exhibitions
  • Reprographic The users are allowed to take photocopy of the library resources. We are charging Rs. 0.50 per print.
  • Current Awareness Service (CAS) Display of newly added titles for advertisement & Important Newspaper Cuttings, etc.
  • Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) Service To give selected information related to different department, subject or topic.
  • User Education To create awareness about library for fresher.
  • Book Talk Programme To create Stage confidence.
  • Essay Competition To Improve the Writing Skills.
  • Career Guidance To Make Their Aims Firm.
  • Display of 'Thought for the Day' To Create Awareness of Social Responsibilities.